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Regarding aiming to the left or right

10 February in Uncategorized

This piece of advice may seem obvious and very accessible, but most of the times this is over looked for various reasons. If you want to know what are the best rotary electric shavers in the market, then it would be easy for...

If you start the app on your birthday

08 February in Uncategorized

Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Clown Prix. In almost every other PlayStation game with car controls, X is accelerate. In Pac Man World it's the brake. But the worst offender is the pause menu. For whatever reason, when you close the menu with the X button...

Always been somewhat polarizing, Schafer said

01 February in Uncategorized

The Best Irish Published Book of the Year goes to the back, bank and possibly record breaking Atlas of the Irish Revolution, which, despite having almost 1,000 pages, weighing 5kg and costing 59, has sold 22,000 copies since September. It is edited by John Crowley,...