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6 percent increase in those sales

30 November in Uncategorized

Looking out for pets during a hurricane became a big issue when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. Many stayed behind to protect their pets, and those who evacuated weren't able to get back to their pets for weeks. Left by themselves, an...

Couple is still planning a six month hike along the

29 November in Uncategorized

We allege, this defendant stole from a community hospital, cheated Medicaid, and majorly underpaid taxes leaving New Yorkers to foot the bill, said Acting Attorney General Underwood. Office will continue to investigate fraud and do what it takes to protect taxpayers and our state resources....

which is still somehow wagging

28 November in Uncategorized

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of history would immediately recognize what it is. Arc Words: "Fuck you." Artistic License Biology: Somehow, the ninja master is able to cut Kung Fury's old partner almost completely in half BUT the tongue. which is still somehow wagging....