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Housing markets

19 December in Uncategorized

Housing markets. Rents in Seattle are up just over 9 percent and in Portland, rents are up 7 percent. Housing markets.. We were invited to a wedding three days in advance and a significant birthday party 1 1/2 days in advance. These invitations were from...

While the National Hockey League

19 December in Uncategorized

While the National Hockey League has been focussing on some stateside shindig called Stanley Cup Finals impatient hockey fans in Oil Country can help but look forward to the truly important events of the next four weeks the NHL Draft on June 24 25 with...

The upper clouds of Venus where

17 December in Uncategorized

The upper clouds of Venus where the temperatures are like in Florida. (This list goes on and on yes, I totally agree with Paul Gracey. The eyes process around 25 pics per second. He was rested from this series for good reason he...

It’s hard not to sound unbearably self

17 December in Uncategorized

It's hard not to sound unbearably self satisfied when I say this, but I do have new cars spotlessly clean, insured, taxed and fully fuelled delivered to my door each week upon my command. I don't have to worry about servicing costs, insurance premiums, parking...

Here where it gets fun

05 December in Uncategorized

Here where it gets fun. The regulations say the event is for Bikes or Vintage Looking Bikes. The organizers define a historical bike as any road racing bike (mountain, cross, and time trial/triathlon bikes are not allowed) built in or before 1987. Look at the...

Jared Cowen entered the night w

02 May in Uncategorized

Jared Cowen entered the night with the sixth highest ice time average among Senators defenceman, at 17:08. This, despite the fact he been Ottawa most physical blue liner. He has 13 hits, seven of which he was credited with in Washington. Evidence can be compared...

Louis designer Tony Frankenberg

02 May in Uncategorized

Funder, J. Furusawa, T. Furuya, H. St. Louis designer Tony Frankenberg has a selection of framed art pieces that highlight various designations. Commemorate a wedding or anniversary with this map art piece by Mr. She was getting life in prison and up until last night...

Debbie Rogers stopped a car Monday

02 May in Uncategorized

FRANKLIN, TN Cpl. Debbie Rogers stopped a car Monday about noon along southbound Interstate 65 near Highway 840 when her K 9 partner, Gunner, detected drugs inside the stopped vehicle.After a search of the vehicle, 40 year old Oakley Wendell Simpson, of Florence, AL, was...