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Power hungry to the point of psychopathy

23 February in Uncategorized

Thru the Moebius Strip: The sociopathic King Tor of Raphicca was once a general of the Raphiccan army, but he became jealous of the current ruler of Raphicca, his own brother, and murdered him to take his position as king. Ruling his planet...

Geffre said Sunday she and her husband

22 February in Uncategorized

Top image (from left to right): Computer generated representation of Naegleria fowleri in its ameboid trophozoite stage, in its flagellated stage, and in its cyst stage. English, the single celled living organism described here is an ameba. The word amoeba, with an is used as...

If it yes, my dream will come true

22 February in Uncategorized

Tadhg Morley 7. Paul Murphy8. David Moran9. The Long Road Home Adapted from Martha Raddatz's bestselling book, this new eight part event series explores the harsh toll taken by both soldiers in combat and their loved ones back home. The two hour premiere follows members...