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The ULH has an average thickness of 25

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Cousins Rebecca Townsend, left, and Tim Thompson, both of Marshall, Mo., drag a wooden cross painted with the words "Everlasting Life" at the beginning of a march around the State Capitol, Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011, in Jefferson City, Mo. About 600 people took part in...

[2] Each print is made of two halves

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create a halloween costume using tape sculpture wigs online Totally Kyle A short sketch starring a stereotypical, laid back hippie surfer and guitarist named Kyle Rostensan (played by Drake Bell) who tells vapid costume wigs, nonsensical stories, usually beginning with the line "One time" and...

I’ll continue to use plastic forever

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As for McCain, he's shamelessly pandering to the far right fringe back in Arizona to beat JD Hayworth at his own game. I guess supporting the recent Arizona immigration law wasn't enough to win over the large teabagger contingent within the GOP. What a colossal...