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1.28″, Color, Frontlit Reflective LCD

27 July in Display, News

The FLEx Front Light Panel optical film is designed to laminate to the front surface of JDI reflective display (LPM013M126A) to provide high quality on-demand display lighting. This thin plastic panel incorporates only a single LED which enables product designers to develop ultra-thin devices and minimize...

World’s Smallest Size “micro DC/DC” converters with Integrated Coil. Ultra-small, ultra-low profile package (2.25 × 1.5, h=0.75mm MAX) 0.4A / 0.7A step-down

25 January in New Product

TOREX newly released XCL223/XCL224 series are ultra-small (outer dimensions: 2.25mm x 1.5mm x h0.75mm) step-down micro DC/DC converters with an integrated coil and control IC. These converters feature a small size and low profile that are the smallest in the world for a 0.4A/0.7A output...

Screwless Low profile (3.8mm) SMD Terminal Block

03 March in New Product

The ETBL40 series SMD terminal block from ECE is featured with a low inserting force cage clamp, push wire-release button, and  time-saving screwless design. The compact and easy to handle design is ideal for  LED lighting modules and Industrial electronic applications. The 3.8mm height low...


28 August in Designers Choice

Economical one-piece fluid detection sensor which is suitable for medical equipment, office products, industrial equipment or automotive systems. This sensor identifies the absence or presence of virtually any fluid in a clear tube...