Seamax Engineering Pte Ltd | Discrete/ Passive
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Discrete/ Passive


Manufacturer of specialized capacitors for HID & magnetic/electronic ballast lighting, automotive, power supplies, inverters, power factor correction, filtering, and instrumentation applications.

America’s leading supplier of highly precise, highly reliable frequency control products to the worldwide electronics markets.


HY Electronics Corp. is dedicated to the product development and manufacture of a wide range of rectifiers, rectifier diodes, and bridge rectifiers.



IRC has been a leader in resistor technology, offering state of the art manufacturing of a variety of resistive products utilizing thin and thick film technologies, offering a wide range of wire-wound and metal film components as well as an advanced thick film on steel technology line of products. Additionally IRC has one of the widest range of MIL approved resistors in the market.


Founded in 1932, PRC specializes in the design and manufacture of precision fixed wirewound resistors, sensors, shunts and compensators for critical applications.


With its own foundry, Protek Devices designs and manufactures a broad range of TVS products & assemblies that provide application specific protection solutions.


Welwyn is a world leader in the design and manufacture of resistors and microelectronic assemblies, focusing on application engineering to ensure customers’ needs are met using the latest technology in rapidly changing markets.

RCD has been a world-class manufacturer of standard and custom Resistors/Capacitors/Coils/Delay Lines for over 40 years.  It also specializes in military, aerospace and custom/specialty products. RCD prides itself to be a manufacturer that you can trust, now and in the future.