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Electromechanical/ Mechanical


TT electronics is a focused, global electronics company supplying the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, defense, aerospace, telecommunications, computing and industrial electronics markets.
Divisions of TT electronics specialise in visible and infrared LED components; optoelectronic, potentiometric and magnetic sensors; microcircuits and hybrids; fixed and variable resistors and resistor networks; resistive heaters and thermal management substrates; potentiometers and trimmers; and magnetic components


AB Interconnect Inc is one of the leading innovative connector and interconnects solution manufacturer in the world, providing high performance and harsh environment interconnects to the Military, Aerospace, Communications, Industrial and Transportation markets.


BI is a global manufacturer and marketer of passive, magnetics and microcircuit modules.


Manufacturer of waterproof, water-tight, & submersible circular connectors, cable assemblies, and inter-connect products.


A manufacturer of Fuses, Switches, Relays, Terminal Blocks, and Connectors since 1981, ECE is ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14001 certified.


Manufacturer of precision machining and stamping components with facilities in Taiwan, China, and Thailand.

Accreditations ISO9001 &TS16949.


Oncque Corporation is a professional manufacturer of Roll Ball Sensor Switches, including Tilt Sensor Switches, Vibration Sensor Switches, and Centrifugal Force Sensor Switches.


Switchcraft is a leading supplier of a broad line of interconnect components for the AV, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation & instrumentation industries.

MAC8 is Japan’s established PCB hardware and accessories manufacturer which holds a worldwide reputation for high-quality and uniqueness. Product includes Spacers, Connectors, Test Pins, Jumpers, Socket Pins and many more.

Since the founding of our company in 1948, we have been specializing in various kinds of electronics products such as terminal block, fuse holder, knob and indicator etc., which are “indispensable items” in today’s industrial society. Providing high quality and reliable electronic parts to the customer is our permanent policy.