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which is still somehow wagging

28 November in Uncategorized

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of history would immediately recognize what it is. Arc Words: "Fuck you." Artistic License Biology: Somehow, the ninja master is able to cut Kung Fury's old partner almost completely in half BUT the tongue. which is still somehow wagging....

I wish that I could say “Well

27 November in Uncategorized

Candice: I've thought about this question a LOT. I wish that I could say "Well, of COURSE," because that is who I want to have been. That said, I think that I would probably have worked through my issues with sexuality a lot faster if...

27 November in Uncategorized

Midfield dilemma takes centre stage for NZ's Hansen AUCKLAND (Reuters) All Blacks coach Steve Hansen could have a slight dilemma in picking his centre combination for their Rugby Championship clash with Australia at Eden Park on Saturday. New Zealand All Blacks' coach Steve Hansen...

Martinez has said all of them will play regularly

27 November in Uncategorized

By 2010, however, it was clear that most schools weren't going to meet their achievement targets. The Obama administration, in response, announced that it would waive the law's academic requirements so long as states adopted Common Core standards, a national set of learning goals for...