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Cymbet EnerChip Batteries for nano-Wearables and IoT Devices

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Cymbet EnerChip Batteries for nano-Wearables and IoT Devices

10:30 20 June in ICS, POWER SUPPLY/ OTHERS

Minneapolis, MN April 30, 2014 – Cymbet Corporation demonstrated EnerChip™ rechargeable solid state batteries for various Wearable Technology (WT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices at the Internet of Things Developers Conference. EnerChip chip-scale batteries are completely solid state and fabricated using semiconductor processes. The EnerChip bare die batteries can be integrated directly into small WT and IoT System in Package products using standard wire bond or bumped die attachment mechanisms. EnerChip batteries are also offered in standard plastic packages that ship on tape and reel, use standard Surface Mount Technology assembly and are reflow solderable. EnerChips batteries never need changing and are charged using Energy Harvesting or Wireless Charging.

“EnerChip batteries are ideal for small Wearable Tech and Internet of Things devices,” said Steve Grady Cymbet VP of Marketing. “Our customers are using the unique capabilities of Cymbet rechargeable solid state batteries in many different applications such as: Medical, Health/Fitness, Industrial, Transportation, Building Controls, Consumer and Wireless Sensors.”

EnerChips Go Where Coin Cell Batteries and Super Caps Can Not
EnerChip rechargeable solid state batteries have a footprint as small as the CBC005 bare die that is 1.37mm x 0.85mm x 175 microns thick. Packaged EnerChip batteries with integrated power management, and an optional ultra-low power Real Time Clock, range from 4 x 5 x 0.9mm to 9 x 9 x 0.9mm depending on battery capacity size. EnerChip batteries meet all standards and certifications including RoHS, REACH, UN Air Transportation Safety and WEEE disposal. Additionally, in vivo and in vitro tests of EnerChip bare die batteries have shown them to be 100% non-cytotoxic which is ideal for powering Medical and Healthcare products.