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TT Electronic-Optek Technology OPI1268S “Super Blue” Optoisolator

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TT Electronic-Optek Technology OPI1268S “Super Blue” Optoisolator

17:57 28 August in New Product


High voltage optoisolator designed for use in harsh environments and explosion-proof applications, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a UL- and VDE-rated optical isolator with 20KV isolation and 2Mbit/s data transmission rates designed to comply with ATEX and ICEex certifications for electrical equipment used in hazardous areas, as well as IP65 standards for environmental sealing. The OPI1268S is the industry’s only high-voltage optoisolator to carry all four of the UL, VDE, ATEX/IECex and IP65 certifications for operation in medical environments.


Designated the OPI1268S Series, the high speed optoisolator is designed for high voltage power isolation in applications requiring sealing against dust and liquids, as well as in electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as transportation systems, hybrid vehicles, medical devices, and industrial control/safety systems.


The optoisolator is based on a high-efficiency LED with a peak wavelength of 850nm. Featuring 20kV isolation and Z50ns propagation delay, the optoisolator is ideal for medical devices, providing protection for both the patient and medical equipment.

Additional features include an input diode with a forward voltage of 1.8V (max) @If = 20mA and a continuous forward current of 50mA. Reverse current is 100uA (max) @Vr = 2.0V with reverse voltage of 3.0V. The output IC operates with 7V supply voltage with 40mW power dissipation. Operating temperature range is from -50C to +100C.